Wrongful Death Compensation Grieving Families Can Receive

Wrongful Death CompensationWhen a loved family member dies due to the negligence of another individual, it’s lawful for the grieving family to receive compensation. Some grieving families, however, ignorantly don’t see the need to file a wrongful death case because they think it won’t serve any discernible purpose. Others believe waging a wrongful death lawsuit will only prolong their grief.

While it’s true no compensation can replace the loss of a loved one, grieving families can hire attorneys to calculate the costs they should be compensated for. Some examples are when Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) takes place because of medical negligence or when a drunk driver crashed into pedestrians.

Here are the types of damages awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit:

Income Loss

In case the deceased was a breadwinner, their death puts their bereaved dependents to lack of finances and poverty. Income loss compensation estimates the income of the deceased within a specified period. This helps the court decide the worth of the damages. Other factors included are the victim’s general health, life expectancy and inflation when estimating the cost of the damage.

Funeral Costs and Medical Bills

It’s obvious in most incidences for the deceased to have received quality and constant medical care before their death. Besides the costly ambulance rides, the grieving family needs to know the funeral costs. These costly expenses add pain to the grief that they are experiencing. If the court awards the family economic damages, the stress and burden of the funeral expenses would be alleviated.

Child Care

If the wrongful death victim was a home-staying parent, the court may grant the family a specified financial compensation. Most courts today admit that the death of a non-working loved one or parent can subject the bereaved kids to huge financial demands. With this in mind, the courts estimate the cost of domestic services, housekeeping, and childcare.

Benefits Loss

When calculating the loss damage of a wrongful death victim, the court considers wages and other benefits. Deprived benefits relate to retirement, Social Security, pension plans, and healthcare. The probable financial sum the court comes up with determines the damage award the family should receive.

Most people don’t know that wrongful death lawsuits have different awardable damages. Nonetheless, calculating the cost of these damages is usually complex and demands indisputable financial and legal expertise. With the help of a legal professional, calculating the above damages will not be as daunting.