Why It’s the Right Time to Become a Paralegal

Reasons to Pursue a Paralegal CareerBuilding a career as a paralegal is a great alternative option for people who love the law but don’t want to pursue law studies (yet). In fact, there has been no better time to be a paralegal than now. The industry is booming more than ever and you can easily build your career with all the right ingredients.

Here are some reasons you should try chasing this dream of yours now: 

Fast-Growing Industry

The Department of Labor predicts that paralegal and legal assistant employment will increase up to 28 percent from 2008 to 2018. This is a lot higher than the overall average for every profession, meaning that growth is here and now.

Growing Prestige

Because of the more challenging and complex duties of paralegals, the prestige of being one has constantly increase through the years. You won’t be called a lawyer’s assistant or glorified secretary anymore, but an integral part of the legal team. There are more important tasks for you, including entrepreneurial and leadership roles.

Easy Entry

Lawyers have to finish at least seven years of strict education and pass the bar exam before they can practice law. As a paralegal, you only need to study for a few months or get an online paralegal certification and you can already pursue a career. With no requirement to attend a brick-and-mortar institute, becoming a paralegal is easier for people who need to work for a living while studying.

Increasing Compensation

In the past decade, the compensation packages of paralegals have steadily risen (minus 2009 and 2010). Because of their broad and important tasks, companies and corporations have been taking notice of their hard work and rewarding it. Overtime hours can make the pay even higher.

If you are truly interested in the practice of law, then now is the time to pursue a career as a paralegal. There’s no other way but up, so you should grab the opportunity as soon as you can.