When Marriages End: The Five Common Whys of Breaking Your Vows

Divorce in Los AngelesHappily ever after hardly ever happens in real life. Forget about the fairy tale endings that Hollywood would want you to believe. It’s pretty easy to be caught up in the glitz and glamor of the LA lifestyle. But real life isn’t as simple as finding a spouse and riding off into the California sunset. That’s why couples end up going their separate ways.

Many divorce attorneys in the downtown Los Angeles area agree that most marriages end up in divorce when…

You Marry for the Wrong Reasons

It’s difficult to change your rhythm and find your footing when you get off on the wrong one. Of course, it’s possible to find ways to make things work, but it is one of the major reasons marriages end up in divorce.

You Lack Intimacy

Bills. Career. Parenting. Many things can get in the way of a couple’s intimacy. The honeymoon stage can’t last forever, but it doesn’t mean that it should come to an end altogether. In such cases, infidelity can enter the picture.

You Have Different Priorities

Having a shared vision and goal can keep you together, but lacking it can only cause you to drift apart. And with the friction that inevitably comes with being so close to someone, disaster often comes.

You Lose Individual Identity

This happens far too often. Sure. You “lose yourself” when you fall in love. When the person your spouse fell in love with disappears completely throughout the years, you end up with the “you’re not the person I married” dilemma.

You Encounter Tough Financial Situations

This is perhaps the toughest part of adult life. When you have a growing family to feed, you end up with a strained relationship more often than not. “For richer or for poorer” can quickly take a back seat in these scenarios.

Marriages shouldn’t end in divorce. Ideally. But when it does, make sure that you have a competent divorce attorney looking out for your well-being. Do it for your family’s sake. Do it for your sake.