What You Should Know About Drinking and Driving in Queensland

Law FirmDrunk driving posts a lot of dangers not only towards the driver but to other motorists and pedestrians as well. Drunk driving is punishable by law in all states of Australia, as well as most countries. In extreme situations, driving under the influence of alcohol can result in death.

In Queensland, you do not have to be both drunk and driving to commit an offence exactly. Before you reach a situation where you might require a law firm or a lawyer’s help, here are things you should know about the drinking and driving bylaws of the state.

Refusing to Blow into a Breathalyser

In Queensland and the rest of Australia, the police can request anyone to blow into a breathalyser without the need to present a reason. People who refuse to do so, whether they are drunk or not, are committing an offence.

Refusing to Provide Information

Once the police pulled you over and suspected you are driving under the influence of alcohol, they will require you to provide your name and address. You will be committing an offence if you refuse to do so.

Not just a Car

The Queensland state law does not limit ‘vehicle’ to cars. Vehicles are motor vehicles, boats or jet skis, bicycles and all other means of transport that move on wheels.

If you are driving a motor vehicle after having consumed over the limit, you are committing an offence, regardless of where you are driving. If you are over the limit and driving a non-motorised vehicle, you have to be driving on the road to commit an offence.


You are breaking the law if you are drunk and are either trying to start a vehicle or just sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys nearby or in the ignition. Additionally, you are forbidden by law to be in charge of an animal, such as a horse, when you are over the limit.

Laws on drunk driving are more than punishing the driver that already caused damage. They are also instrumental in preventing any destruction or harm to take place in the first place.