What You Need to Know About Your Child’s Rights

CrimesIt is often said that a person should always know his rights as a citizen. This is definitely true, but it should also be pointed that a plain Joe or Jane may easily find themselves lost in the legal system. The legal system is complex and anyone can easily be perplexed by it. Offhand, we can list a few aspects of law that have their own set of complexities like Criminal Law, Financial Law, or Family Law.

Right now, however, let us focus on one aspect that is very important to a specific section of society that needs law protection: the children, teenagers and young adults. This section of society falls under juvenile law. And as a parent or guardian, you should have at least a few ideas about this as it can save the life your child. What should you know? Here are a few facts.

What are the major concerns of juvenile law?

Basically, this aspect of law concerns itself with criminal acts conducted by a minor, abuse of any kind perpetuated by a minor and minors that have made a status offense, which can mean stowing away, purchase alcohol or prohibited drugs. According to KufferLaw.com, such cases are handled by a juvenile law attorney. The state the minor is in, whether the minor is in Albuquerque, New Mexico or New York, will affect the case.

What has the state got to do with a child’s right?

To begin with, a juvenile law attorney will explain to you that the age threshold varies per state. In Albuquerque, it is 18 years old while in Wyoming and North Carolina it is 19 and 16 consecutively. Knowing the age threshold is important because naturally, cases that are processed under the juvenile court are less severe than in adult court and the focus is more on rehabilitation.

Finally, what are the sentencing options under the juvenile law?

There is a possibility of incarceration but some, especially the minor offenses, are granted house arrest or confinement. There is also the possibility of the child being taken away from his or her family and given to a more responsible guardian. In extreme cases, however, the minor may be put on a secured facilities or worse adult jail.