What to Do When Faced with an Employee Dispute

Handling Employee Disputes in ChristchurchBusinesses have to deal with employee disputes at one point or another. When it comes to handling such issues, however, one of the worst mistakes an employer can make is to wait too long before doing anything. One important factor in dispute resolution is to act promptly and firmly. Delaying your action could only get the situation out of control.

While you won’t always have to hire an employment dispute service firm to resolve a situation, it pays to get expert advice, especially when things start to get serious and is likely to involve litigation. It is also important to reach out to the aggrieved employee as soon as possible. Here are some tips on how to approach the situation: 

Schedule an initial meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to listen to what the employee has to say. Remember to assure him or her that you will investigate the issue thoroughly and fairly.

Call for a post-investigation meeting

Once you’ve done with your investigation, update the employee of your findings and to recommend a resolution. Highlight the relevant facts that are in your favour and, without antagonising the employee, explain the difficulties he or she might experience if the litigation pushes through. If there’s no chance of resolving the matter at this point, you may schedule another meeting, but this time, with a mediator present.

Mediators are third-party entities that are professionally trained to work with organizations in resolving conflicts. They help those involved in identifying the issues and agreeing on the best solution that meets their needs.

As soon as you learned about a conflict or any issue within your organisation, keep in mind that reaching a quick and fair resolution can help you maintain a good relationship with your employees. It can also help you avoid the costs involved in facing an external solution, i.e., litigation.