What to Do if You Suspect that Your Spouse is Spying on You

Spying Issues in LittletonIs it right for your spouse to spy on you in any way?

The mere fact that you have to ask this signals that there may be a problem in your marriage, but don’t worry; not all problems in a marriage are as serious or as big as you may think. Some of them are simple things that a little conversation can correct. Sometimes you just have to take them in stride. After all, you’re married, so you have to work as a team to make things work. You should be in this for the long haul.

Some “light” spying issues

Some examples of “light” spying typically include your use of devices. Your spouse may want to find out what your passwords are for your laptop, phone, tablet, social media accounts, email, and online banking. You may feel that your spouse is intruding into your privacy. Remember, however, that you are married, and the foundation of a strong marriage includes not keeping secrets from each other. Besides, if you’ve got nothing to hide, this shouldn’t be a problem.

But what if it goes beyond “light”?

Sometimes, however, a spouse may go beyond simple passwords. What if your spouse starts calling your friends to check if you really were at the game or your best friend’s party? Should you still consider this as “light” spying? Perhaps. It’s embarrassing but it’s still not too big a deal. You just married a jealous person.

But if your spouse hires a PI (private investigator) to follow you around, attaches a GPS tracker under your car, or has someone bug your phone, you must think back to when and how it all started. Did you do something to make your spouse doubt your fidelity? If you did, then you’re just living with the consequences of your actions; it is your job to win back your spouse’s trust, and that may take some time.

If you haven’t done anything, however, it’s time to talk to your spouse, perhaps in the presence of a mutual friend or a marriage counsellor. It’s important that someone else is there to prevent raised voices and to mediate should things get too uncomfortable. It may be difficult, but it’s important not to lose your cool, so that if you end up having to hire a divorce attorney in Littleton, you have a better chance of making a strong case.

It may not be proper to feel that your spouse doesn’t trust you. But if it’s simple spying like checking your social media accounts, let it slide. If your spouse starts making you feel paranoid wherever you go, however, it’s time to think about your options, as such things may get worse before they get better.