What to Do if You Get Involved in an Auto Accident

Two people in the middle of a car accidentYou’ll probably get involved in an auto accident sometime in your life, or not if you’re extremely lucky. It might involve bumping into someone in the office parking lot or a more serious incident where you or others get injured. Nevertheless, you should know how to react to the situation should it happen to you.

Check the following steps after getting yourself on an auto accident:

    • Pull over immediately, park your vehicle on the side of the road, and turn your hazard lights on.
    • Check if you or anyone else is injured. Never move an injured person unless you could perform first aid measures or if the vehicle is about to catch on fire.
    • Call 911. See if there’s a roadside phone if you’re on the freeway and you don’t have a phone with you.
    • Exchange information with the people involved in the accident. Make sure to include the drivers’ names, contact number, address, plate number, license number, and insurance information. Don’t forget the witnesses or passengers’ names, contact information, addresses, and the make, model, and year of the vehicles involved as well.
    • Auto accident attorneys in Marysville remind to never talk about what occurred with anyone else other than police officers, especially if you believe you injured someone else. In this case, call your lawyer or ask for a lawyer. Don’t accuse anyone or say it’s your fault because your statements could be used against you if the other party filed a claim later on. If at all possible, jot down your thoughts on what you think happened.
    • If there are no police officers in sight, contact them to report the incident if there’s damage that’s worth at least $500 and then call your auto insurance provider.
    • Go to the hospital as soon as possible to get yourself checked even if you don’t feel that you’ve been injured.

Following the above-mentioned procedures would keep the auto accident site safe and help in ensuring that no one would have to bear unnecessary fault. Conversely, failing to follow them might result in your insurance provider refusing to approve your claim. In addition, you could be slapped with hefty fines for not following legal procedures.