What Employers Look for in Paralegals

Woman on her laptopAre you a paralegal looking to move up the corporate ladder or become a lawyer? If so, then you need to have and display certain traits to become marketable to employers. Having these characteristics also provides you with an advantage when it comes to negotiating a salary and/or promotion.

Instructors from schools for paralegal studies in NYC cite the following traits that you need to succeed in this profession.

Organization Skills

A paralegal will collect, analyze, and present cases and evidence regularly. He or she needs to have strong organization skills to sort through the clutter and identify the salient points necessary when presenting these. An employer will look for this trait because they want an efficient employee. Lawyers don’t want to waste time; you’ll make yourself valuable to the firm if you have this characteristic.

Patience and Attention to Detail

You’ll need a lot of patience to succeed as a paralegal; you’ll review dozens, if not hundreds, of cases to identify patterns and previous resolutions to them. A meticulous approach to gathering data and studying them is a must to stand out from the others who want the same job. Attention to detail will allow you to find obscure information that you needs to help the firm.

Investigative and Analytical Skills

Organization and attention to detail are important skills, but you’ll need the ability to analyze information to help the firm you’re working with. Numbers and facts don’t tell the complete story, you’ll need to put them together to find a resolution or determine fraudulent acts.

Independent Attitude

The ability to work independently is a must to succeed as a paralegal. The attorneys of a firm want an employee who can do things on their own and will need only general guidance. Learn to work independently when necessary to become marketable and gain an edge.

These characteristics and skills are what many law firms and other companies are looking for in a paralegal. Cultivate these to maximize your potential and earn a higher salary.