Upon Impact: The Effects of a DUI Conviction

DUI Law in IllinoisEvery year, 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving. The highest percentage of arrests at 25.3%, came from the 18 – 24 year olds. Apart from the fine, jail time and suspended license, you will have to deal with a host of other effects stemming from your DUI arrest. And the impact of the arrest grows, in accordance to the laws of your state.

A DUI Arrest is B-A-D in These States

A DUI conviction stays on your record. In general, it stays for at least five years. When you drink and drive in Illinois, you’re in for a sobering arrest. Prior convictions can stay on record forever, which means they can be held against you during sentencing for another DUI.

Some states may allow a DUI defense lawyer to plead down your case to “wet reckless,” which carries a lesser punishment and fewer costs. While the Illinois statute prohibits your attorney from plea bargaining to “wet reckless,” you should still consult legal advice for other options.

Illinois is not the only state aggressive about DUI convictions. In Wisconsin, drunk driving convictions stay on record for 10 years. California law allows suspension of license for three years, and DMV penalties are separate from court penalties.

Down the Road, After a Conviction

An arrest on your record will affect your insurance rates, job search or career prospects and eligibility for certifications.

Your insurance rates may increase after a DUI conviction. Why? Your conviction indicates you’re a higher risk driver. An insurance company will charge you more than it would charge a driver with a clean record.

Whether you’re applying for a job or working to get a promotion, a DUI conviction can change the course of your career. Companies conduct background checks, and management will prefer employees without a criminal record. If your job requires a certification or license, you will have a tougher time securing one or receive a rejection for an application with a DUI conviction.

Drunk driving affects everyone. It comes with a cost bigger, greater than hefty fines. A drunk driving crash leaves a person injured every two minutes, and every day, it kills 27 people. Think before you get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. And remember the consequences of your action.