Uncontested Divorce: Things You Should Know

Uncontested Divorce in DenverDivorce, for the most part, can get uglier and more stressful, particularly for disagreeing couples. When spouses, however, decide to file for uncontested divorce or dissolve the marriage with no outstanding agreements, the whole proceeding is less stressful with less paperwork. This type of divorce can be over in as little as one month.

An uncontested divorce is ideal for those who agree to divorce each other. Divorce lawyers in Denver say that this also requires couples to reach a basic understanding about major issues, which include child support and visitation, property division, and spousal support.

Agreement of Spouses

In an uncontested divorce, one party will have to initiate in filing for uncontested divorce. If the other party agrees, the judge will then grant the divorce through a streamlined court procedure. If one spouse, however, does not agree, the divorce will be considered contested. This can be a complex process and the proceeding may take longer.

The Advantages

Uncontested divorce, of course, has many advantages over the traditional proceedings. This may not require a court hearing, as both parties mutually agree to all the terms of the divorce. The process also results in lower court associated costs, with less information made public. The potential for mistakes is also less likely, as there are fewer document and forms to fill out.

Not for All Situations

While uncontested divorce is an ideal choice, it is not suitable for all situations. This may not be the appropriate choice for complicated divorce situations. It may not be right for cases with property disputes and other matters that are not available for abbreviated proceedings. An uncontested divorce is also not available in all jurisdictions, and couples need meet certain requirements to be eligible.

For couples considering uncontested divorce, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of doing so. It is also advisable to hire a divorce lawyer even if the process is relatively much simpler compared to traditional proceedings. An experienced divorce attorney can help assist in preparing the required documents and providing legal representation.