Treatment Gone Wrong: Crazy Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical Malpractice CasesYou go to the doctors so you could be treated. But, what if they don’t know what they’re doing? Take a look at some crazy medical malpractice cases that happened over the years.

Carol Weihrer

Great RSD attorneys such as could have helped out in cases like Carol Weihrer’s. Ever since she can remember, she had already suffered — so she decided to have the eye removed by a doctor. What happened next was excruciating because she stayed awake for the whole five hours of surgery — because the anesthesia didn’t work completely — and the worst part was that she felt like the doctor treated it as a joke — playing disco music, and telling his subordinates to cut deeper and harder! When the doctor learned she was awake, he administered more anesthesias — and according to Carol, she felt like she was being barbecued! Yikes!

The Rhode Island Hospital Incident

There had been a number of medical malpractice suits against the said hospital, but one of the worst would be that time when the doctor refused to say which side of the patient’s brain should be operated on. He told the nurse he knew where—but apparently, he didn’t — and the patient died a couple of days later.

The Patient in Flames

In 2009, a 65-year old patient named Janet McCall died when she apparently caught fire while in surgery. The cause was never released, although there were other cases when a patient blew up in flames because of the electronic gadgets used for surgery.

Jesica Santillan

Jesica was only 17 — and had a long life ahead of her. She thought she was going to live that life when she received a lung and heart transplant. Unfortunately, she was given organs from a Type A donor — when she is actually Type O. Her body rejected the organs — and she, unfortunately, died days later — all because doctors did not test well!

Sometimes, doctors could be in the wrong. These stories prove that no one is perfect, but unfortunately, sometimes, lives are put in danger.