Tough Situations You’d Wish Your Best Friend is a Lawyer

Legal Counsel in AitkenvaleOne acceptable thing in this world is that lawyers are costly. But, you just have to deal with it especially when you find yourself in situations where their invaluable legal advice would save your life.

Legal advice can be costly. Who says it isn’t? You would pay hundreds of dollars for about an hour or two of your lawyer’s time, right? Because of this hefty fee, you might be trying so hard to avoid situations where you would need the precious advice of a lawyer. However, life is very dynamic and sometimes, the more that you try to avoid hearing the words of wisdom of a legal counsel, the closer you’ll find yourself in that situation.


Alright, so after a year of marriage, you finally found out that things aren’t exactly okay. You have been struggling with your spouse’s halitosis and that he doesn’t take a bath as often as you like. So what do you do? Do you simply tell your spouse to say goodbye to you or do you file for divorce so that you can get things in their proper perspective. Obviously, the wisest thing to do is to file for the big D. This will ensure that your rights are protected especially when it comes to property distribution.

Death in the Family

Do you have siblings? Do you have relatives? Are you in any way adopted? If you answer “yes” to any of these, and your parents were as rich as Bill and Melinda Gates, then you need some legal protection. Don’t think for a second that if you hire a lawyer, you’re becoming selfish. You’re merely protecting your rights and you are doing all parties concerned a huge service.

Setting Up a Business with a Partner/Corporation

If you’re thinking of putting up a business, whose visibility is close to being negligible, then you might put off calling a legal counsel. However, if you’re thinking of a long-term investment especially when other parties are involved and it won’t just be a single proprietorship, do not ever make the mistake of not having a lawyer beside you. This is more so if you would be forming a partnership or a corporation. There are huge legal implications of forming such alliances and experienced lawyers can guide you accordingly.

Wrongful Arrest

When you have been arrested and you feel that it was an unlawful arrest, then don’t hesitate in getting a good lawyer for yourself. You see, whether you actually did it or not, you have rights that could only be raised by your lawyer. So when you find yourself in this sticky situation, immediately seek the help of a good lawyer. Remember the case of Simone Renae White? That was one case of a wrongful arrest and it was a good thing that a video footage was available as shown by So always get a good lawyer and worry about the fees later.

Arrangements Prior to Saying “I Do”

You have to remember that when your future spouse is destined to own half of the properties in the city where you live, then expect him or her to go for a prenuptial arrangement. One possible area it would cover, as what said was dividing properties of couples. So when this happens, your lawyer should be your best friend, up to the time that the attendant circumstances surrounding the agreement are fully threshed out.

Now you see how important lawyers are? They will not simply be receiving fees; they will be defending your rights and protect your reputation.