Top Reasons for Divorce in America

Couple with lawyer filing divorceAccording to some studies, psychological distress and depression affect the health of divorced individuals. Conflicts in relationships and failures in marriage result in poorer well-being and increased anxiety. Many divorces end quietly, but even the least controversial ones leave wounds so deep it takes years to recover from them.

The final straw

A person who has been divorced often blames the other person as the cause of the collapse of the relationship. It is all too common to hear accounts of something simple turned huge and ugly. Repeated events of fights and unresolved differences end up in a legal battle for the division of property and child custody. As reported, the most common “final straw” in marriage is infidelity, violence, and substance abuse.

Problems leading to divorce

Attorneys affiliated with a family law firm in Kent must have heard many reasons for going their separate ways, from couples who file for divorce. Problems related to money are top reasons for couples seeking marriage counseling. Some couples get married without knowing about the real financial capabilities of each other. Unmet expectations and financial obligations quickly escalate into blame, criticism, and resentment.

Lack of commitment or loss of interest to work on the relationship is the last straw for some divorced individuals. Commitment is a personal dedication fueled by a clear vision for the future of the marriage.

Addictions in the form of gambling, drugs, alcohol, and pornography also lead to divorce. If both husband and wife work together to help the afflicted recover, then the marriage could be saved. Otherwise, rehabilitation and recovery are possible only if the individual leaves the marriage.

A healthy marriage seems to be a special circumstance, as roughly 40 percent of American adults leave their marriage. When things don’t work for you and your partner, be sure to get the right legal assistance.