Top 5 Highest-Paid Courses of All-Time

Paralegal CoursesThe major you choose in college may have a huge impact on your future income. Choosing a course that is right for you is one of the most important yet crucial decisions of your life, and it will shape you as a human being as well.

There are many things to consider before deciding the course you will be taking. To help narrow down your choices, here are the top five highest-paid courses that may give you a chance to earn more money for your future:

  • Computer Science

As we are living in a world surrounded by technology, this course may give you the chance to earn high wages, especially when you will be working in management level of a company. In a 2015 projected average starting salary, computer science course earns more than other majors and courses.

  • Business

Although business major is the most common major of all, it is still the highest-paid courses in the list. Business students have the most advantage than other courses because they have direct real-world application in the workforce. In addition, business major students can have long-tern advantages when it comes to work prospects and employment.

  • Law

If there’s one course that can guarantee a well-paid employment, it is law. The Center For Legal Studies noted that there are slimmer chances you will find an unemployed lawyer or law student. You can also get a paralegal training online to study and be trained more about the common laws of many countries around the world.

  • Engineering

Engineering is always included in one of the highest-paid courses of all time because this major can earn up to $3.5 million over the period of their lifetime — more than other majors in 2015. This survey is true, especially when you are working as a petroleum engineer where you can earn an average of $80,000. The American Society for Engineering Education added that there’s a growth in the number of students taking this course.

  • Medicine and Dentistry

Similar to law, around 92% of medicine major students are more likely to land themselves a decent job or further study. Not only you get the chance to save a life, you can also earn more especially if you are a specialized medical doctor such as surgeon, anesthesiology, pediatrics, oncology, cardiologist, neurological surgeon and many more.

Based on a job dissatisfaction survey, the major cause of unhappiness among people in the United States alone is job dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is important to find a course that will eventually lead to a better career and employment for your future.