Time Out from the Relationship; For Your Work Too?

Divorced Man Losing Job“It’s either you get yourself together or get another job!”

If you are divorced and dreading these words from your boss, know that you are not alone. No one enjoys going through a divorce; it’s an unpleasant speed bump that affects all aspects of your life — including your job.

Losing your partner is terrible enough; losing your job because of it might just make things worse.

Because of the emotional and financial struggle, getting upset in the office is natural. But if you let it affect you too much, you might face a bigger mess.

The Likely Interruptions

According to the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick, a local law firm, apart from the complications of divorce, other interruptions will come within the divorce territory. All divorce lawyers in Long Island say so. When you are at work dealing with deadlines and meetings, you will also remember deadlines and meetings concerning your divorce.

Bad days are inevitable; in some cases, divorcing employees take a few days off work because they can’t focus. Sometimes, you might want to scream at your colleagues or even at your boss. The frustration from the ordeal is just too much, you’ll want to fight someone.

A whirlwind of emotions definitely comes with the divorce. Still, that does not give you the right to throw a fit in the office. Your role as an employee comes with responsibilities that require your attention.

Adjusting Emotions at Work

The idea of losing it at work can be scary and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to lessen the divorce’s impact on your work.

Start by being honest with an immediate supervisor or your boss. The divorce need not be a public affair, but being truthful with a top person is important. The boss needs to understand where you are coming from. Talking to them gives them a heads up of the probable bad days. They might also offer some helpful advice.

Talk to Someone

Don’t hold your stresses in — you will implode. Rather than wait for that ticking time bomb, talk to friends outside of work. Your support system is a good source of encouragement that keeps you sane at work.

Do not let the negative emotions affect your job. The divorce might have ended your marriage, but not your career.