The Two Causes of Property Damage Claims

Taking a picture of an accidentThere are scenarios when you can claim for property damage. One is due to an accident (most because of negligence) and another is due to an intentional act. In either case, you can ask for the necessary compensation from the party that caused it. To make sure you get what you deserve, it’s best to hire a property damage lawyer in Los Angeles or in any other county to prove your claim.

What are the Causes of Property Damage?

  • Accidental

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of property damage. It may bring damage to your car, to your fence, or to any other type of property. You can make a claim against the other driver if you could prove that they were careless or reckless in some way. This is negligence.

People can be negligent in other ways. It could be a neighbor hitting a ball through your window. It could also be a repair person dropping your microwave and cracking your marble floor tiles. In these cases, the other party didn’t mean to cause damage, but they didn’t perform reasonable care to make sure it doesn’t happen.

  • Intentional

This is when another party intended to cause damage. It might be your neighbor cutting down a tree on your property to get a better view or teenagers writing graffiti on your walls. It might even be an ex-spouse throwing rocks through your windows or knocking out your windshield with a bat. In any of these cases, the other party acted on purpose.

How Much Can You Get for Damages?

The amount you can claim for property damage is usually easy to compute. You can find out in writing how much it will take to repair the damage or replace the damaged property. This is what you’ll present to the judge as proof. However, putting a value on some types of property is not that easy.

A tree, for example, does not have a monetary value, but it may have a sentimental value. Your lawyer has to prove that the amount of your claim is reasonable. Note that in some cases, the claim is so small that it may not be worth going to court.

You can make a claim for property damage whether it’s negligent or intentional. However, the amount involved may not be worth it. It’s better to consult with a property damage lawyer for advice before filing a claim.