The Tragic Tale of Unhappy Wives Who Stay

Divorce AttorneyPopular opinion says that staying in an unhappy marriage is never worth it. The mere fact that one party is no longer happy is enough to cut the cord on a relationship. But why is it that a lot of women choose to stay?

It’s easy to miss the first signs of a failing marriage. This often happens not because the woman is dense; some choose not to acknowledge the obvious cues. Rather than face the problem, pretending everything is fine seems to be the better option.

For most of Long Island’s divorce attorneys, however, surviving an unhappy marriage requires more energy than admitting the need for divorce. Women would rather go down the path of least resistance and choose the status quo, among other reasons.

Binding Fear

The marriage might be dead, but some unhappy wives turn a deaf ear to their cries because they fear change. They enjoy being the household manager or the soccer mom. Sure, their relationship is failing, but they try to find solace by being active in the children’s school activities or spending more time with their friends.

Since getting a divorce is unknown territory, they’d rather not venture into it.

The changes of divorce, despite the multiple benefits, scare many unhappy women. Rather than take a gamble, they stay put in their situation.

For the Kids’ Sake

Mothers only want what’s best for the children; if staying in their loveless marriage promotes better welfare for the kids, they will find this as a reason to stay. Can the children thrive in a home that lacks one parent?

Some mothers feel guilty if the kids grow up in a broken home. While it’s a noble thought to consider their welfare, it’s not always in the youngsters’ best interests. Living in an atmosphere filled with fear and tension is not healthy for them.

When caught in the middle of arguing parents, it’s difficult for children to get quality time. Divorce might be difficult for them, but they will adjust.

Divorce does not always end relationships; instead, it offers better alternative endings. Rather than stay in a loveless marriage, cutting the cord sometimes makes a difference between a lifetime of happiness or sorrow.