The Road Less Travelled: Other Applications of a Law Degree outside the Courtroom

Law-Related Jobs in SingaporeIf you’re a lawyer, then you probably heard this common notion from friends, families and colleagues that: “You can do so much with a law degree.”

While there is no shortage of a law-related job in Singapore, many lawyers choose to practice their wits outside of the courtroom. Many choose a different career, which includes involvement in the finance sector, governance, higher learning and even as an executive in multinational corporations.

How Does Knowledge of the Law Apply

The primary advantage of lawyers over other occupations is that they understand the very fabric and constitution of any structure; be it about governance, marketing channels or the overall economic standpoint of an institution. While it is an unconventional move, especially if your childhood dream was to put criminals where they belong, it isn’t a hopeless or meaningless pursuit. Lawyers who perform jobs outside the law can also be as successful as any established partners.

The Reality of the Job, the Competition, and the Solution

Acing the SATs is only the start of the race to attaining the degree and passing the bar for most lawyers. At this point, everyone starts out wide-eyed and eager. Those who muster up the courage can get into the ‘top firms’ and hope to be named partners in the future. But others may soon realize that practicing law may not be for them. Some find the solution to this dilemma by taking up different career paths.

Alternate Careers: The Most Lucrative Change of Pacing

When a lawyer decides to change industries, it is not a matter of what is available, but what pays the most. A lawyer who passed the bar can work the following jobs:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Politician
  • Law professor
  • Banker
  • Lobbyist
  • Investment Advisor/ Stockbroker
  • HR Director
  • Bar Administrator

There’s no mandate that lawyers should be stuck inside courtrooms and in law firms. If they can apply their knowledge to another industry, then there’s no stopping them from doing so.