The New Employee’s Guide to Employee Rights

Employee Rights in NZAs a new employee, you have a lot to learn apart from the nature of your job, your role in the company, and your workload. You have to learn about your rights as an employee, as well. All employees have rights that protect them from exploitation, harassment, and other kinds of unfair treatment. All work and workplaces need to be fair as established by NZ law.

The Law

The legislation that covers your rights as an employee is called the employment law. Other than online resources, you can learn more about employment law and its specifics from any law professional and consultant in the country.

The Minimum Rights

As a new employee, you can benefit from knowing your rights since it makes sure that everybody treats you fairly. You have minimum rights that employers must fulfil and can even add to. Your minimum rights include all kinds of wages, health and safety, unions, contracts, work arrangements, and others.

The Contract

The first thing you can learn about is employment agreement. Verbal job offers are as good as nothing unless there is an accompanying written agreement or contract. You have the right to bring the contract home, think about it, ask for advice about it, and negotiate its different terms and conditions.

The Trial Period

I.R.Thompson Associates Ltd noted that you could undergo a 90-day trial period as a new employee. The trial period helps employers and yourself to see how you work. You can refuse a trial period, but if you do accept, the terms must be agreed upon and included in your contract. As per usual, you can negotiate terms and conditions for the trial period.

The Leaves and Holidays

When it comes to leaves and holidays, you are entitled to at least four weeks of leave yearly. You also have 11 public holidays during which you can work and get extra payment, or you can postpone celebrating on another day. You are also given sick leave.

You can learn more about other aspects of your work from online resources and specialists that can guide you.