The Necessary and Important Nature of Redaction

EvidenceEach person has three people who know all of their secrets: their spouse, their doctor, and their lawyer. There aren’t many issues with keeping those secrets hidden for the first two; it’s the nature of the lawyer’s work that can prove a bit tricky.

Necessary Censorship

The legal process is understandably averse to secrets, as many courts profess they’re in the business of discovering the truth. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, if secrets are hindering the path to justice their revelation is inevitable. But, what if the secrets have nothing to do with the case at hand? Is that particular invasion of a person’s privacy justified?

The answer is no, but what can anyone do? Fortunately, there is a legal tool lawyers and paralegals can use to protect the interest and privacy of their client if it has no impact on the case – redaction. People will be able to recognize a redaction on a document by the now iconic black marker streaks prevalent in spy thrillers.

The Importance of Proper Redaction

Redaction is often a tedious and time-consuming process. This is because it requires a person to pore over dozens of pages of documentation and painstakingly take out the sensitive information line by line. Paralegal courses often cover redaction so that they can prepare students for one of the more challenging duties that will be delegated to them.

There are several things a paralegal needs to be aware of if they want to be effective in carrying out any kind of redaction. The most important of which are information watch online game of thrones season7 relevance and recognizing perception. Paralegals need to know which pieces of information are necessary to the case, and how the public would view each of them.

When a legal team takes on a client, they work to uphold that person’s rights, including their privacy. Certain sensitive items can compromise a person’s standing in the community, or ruin their reputation with family and friends. This is the kind of emotional trauma that clients hire lawyers to protect them from, making proper redaction a priority task.

Information is power and in the wrong hands can cause a lot of damage. Balancing freedom of information and the right to privacy will always be difficult. But, the best way to handle the situation for now is to work with each issue on a case-by-case basis.