The Good Breakup: How to Have a Happy Divorce

a couple signing divorce papersWe all know the recipe for a terrible divorce — tears, blame, escalating voices, and shattering objects. This scenario has become common that ex-couples find it normal in a divorce. Not all breakups, however, need to end like this. Peace is possible even in separation. Divorce your partner and be the best version of yourself with the following tips.


Communication may sound ridiculous during a divorce, but it’s essential to a peaceful breakup. Listen to your ex-partner and expect them to do the same. Communicate plans and decisions, especially if there are children and assets involved. If you can’t speak with your ex-partner face-to-face, seek the help of a lawyer or a friend.

Work out finances

When dealing with finances, be objective, rational, and cool-headed. Don’t let money matters further complicate your divorce. Separate your assets and debts and divide conjugal properties equally. A team of divorce attorneys in Albuquerque says that finance management is exceptionally difficult during a breakup, so cooperation from both sides is necessary.

Choose to be kind

It’s easy to badmouth your ex-partner when surrounded by friends and relatives. They’re your confidantes, after all. However, doing this only shows your immaturity and attachment to the past. Choose to be kind no matter how hard the divorce is. Respect begets respect and being nice can lead you to happiness and friendship.

Appreciate the past

Blame and regret will lead to nothing but hate. Don’t tie yourself to negativity. Instead, look at the past with appreciation and take your divorce as an opportunity to be better. If you can’t help but be angry with your ex, pour that energy into more productive things. Find a hobby, go out with friends, or simply rediscover yourself.

Divorce is difficult. That’s a fact. However, if you want a peaceful breakup, communication and kindness need to prevail. Choose happiness despite your emotions and hurtful past. Look at the brighter side of things so you can heal and focus on a better future.