Qualities a Lawyer Must Have Before You Hire Them

Female LawyerWinning or losing a legal battle in court depends so much on the lawyer you will hire. This is because they can help you defend your case in the most effective way possible if they have all the right qualities of a great lawyer. The opposite will leave you defeated in court and your reputation tarnished. When hiring a lawyer, here are some qualities he or she can’t afford not to have.

Experience and Expertise

The number of years they’ve been practicing law is a good way to measure how capable and reliable they are. However, you should also consider their experience in the specific legal battle you’re currently in. Lawyers in New York have different areas of specialties, so you should choose one that connects with your case.

Good Connection

Apart from experience, you should also think about the rapport you have with each other. Will you find it easy to communicate and work with this lawyer? A fantastic chemistry is also a good advantage that can lead to positive results in court.


Will your chosen lawyer be accessible for conference calls whenever you need one? Is the schedule open enough for you to work together constantly for the benefit of your case? How fast can he or she respond to your emergency calls? The lawyer of your choice should have a positive response to these questions.


References are important so you could verify how good or bad the lawyer is. When consulting with a lawyer, don’t hesitate to ask him for references. This is a list of their colleagues and past clients which you can call to ask about the lawyer’s competence, fees, service, and reliability.

Don’t entrust your fate in court to a lawyer who’s inexperienced and unreliable. Make sure your final choice has all these qualities so you could have more peace of mind about the success of your court battle.