Personal Injury Cases You Should File Claims For

Man talking to his lawyer about personal injury claimWhen you get into an accident, or someone causes you harm, you can seek redress and compensation by filing a personal injury case. Experts like Feldman & Lee PS explain that there are various situations which result in personal injuries; however, not all of these lead to liability. To find out if you’re eligible to file a personal injury claim, have a lawyer assess your situation based on the evidence you have presented. Here are the most common kinds of personal injury cases:

Car Accidents

Car or road accidents make up the majority of personal injury cases in the US. In most cases, it’s due to negligence, recklessness, or driving under the influence. If a driver is proven guilty, the court will hold him responsible and make him pay for the injuries the complainant had sustained due to the accident. Mild to severe injuries can be compensated depending on the court’s ruling.

Medical Lawsuits

Because of the shortage of doctors and healthcare professionals in the majority of hospitals across America, more and more individuals are filing medical malpractice suits against doctors and hospitals. The claims range from simple negligence to severe cases which may have resulted in the injury, disability, or even death of a patient. A medical malpractice case claims that the healthcare or medical professional should have done something else or provided better care and treatment to the patient. Additionally, the cases also cover the professional being remiss or negligent in his duties.

Slips and Falls/Workplace Accidents

Establishment owners must keep their premises safe and hazard-free to patrons and even passers-by. There are building codes that need to be followed to ensure that public places and commercial ones comply with the strictest safety standards. For examples, stairs should have hand rails and toilets should have non-slip floors to prevent accidents from occurring. If a customer slips or falls because the type of flooring used did not follow regulation, the customer may file a personal injury case against the restaurant owner. Of course, there’s no assurance that the courts will rule in the customer’s favor, but at least he will be able to air his sentiments and seek compensation for injuries.

Personal injury cases may sound petty to some, but it reflects the beauty of the judicial system. It assures every individual that no matter how small their grievances may be, they will have their day in court.