On The Job: What Legal Nurse Consultants Do

Nurse monitoring blood sugar of senior womanLegal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) are certified professionals who give advice to lawyers, legal experts, and paralegals about issues related to the medical field. Their education and expertise make them qualified to review complex medical cases. They can then offer their informed opinion to lawyers in cases that involve medical matters. But what exactly do they do on the job?

Duties of the LNC

In general, LNCs assist legal professionals in many legal matters, such as those with medical malpractice, nursing liability, personal injury, and sexual assault, among others. As consultants, LNCs analyze and manage the medical records in lawsuits. They also interpret the notes of doctors and nurses, as well as prepare diagrams, charts, and timelines of medical records.

Additionally, LNCs screen new cases to determine if they have merit. They find and interview medical experts. LNCs then serve as the bridge between lawyers, medical professionals, and other involved parties. They can also create legal-medical case theories, research medical literature, find deviations from medical care standards, and lead independent medical inspections.

As consultants, LNCs could act as expert witnesses in court. They can review, evaluate and summarize depositions, as well as prepare for depositions and trials. LNCs attend depositions, mediations, review panels, as well as trials. They also assist in preparing experts and witnesses.

Summing Up

LNCs play a vital role by linking the gap between the legal and medical system. They are licensed nurses, but with specialized training in the law and certification that they use to aid legal professionals in legal claims or cases related to the medical field. Based on their research, they can provide informed opinions regarding healthcare delivery and their results.