Medical Negligence Leading to Cerebral Palsy: The Case of Leona Bisping

Cerebral PalsyCerebral palsy is a neurological disorder that stems from damage to the brain incurred before, during, or after childbirth. This birth injury, usually inflicted by medical practitioners, is a result of either the lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia) or a lack of oxygen to the body (asphyxia).

This injury affects the muscles and impairs a person’s ability to control them. It may also affect balance and posture, which can make walking, tying shoes, and other otherwise easy tasks impossible. In severe cases, it may cause intellectual impairment, vision or hearing impairment, or even seizures.

Cerebral palsy affects more than a child’s quality of life, however. As they will require lifelong care, it also affects the lives of their relatives. This is why lawyers recommend having the case investigated and figuring out if the injury is due to the negligence of medical practitioners.

The Case of Leona Bisping

In 2001, the failure to immediately proceed with Angela Boreham’s caesarean section subsequently delayed the delivery of her child, Leona Bisping.

Angela recalls that the morning after the doctor induced labor, it was already evident that Leona was distressed, as the baby’s heart rate dipped. While the midwives who attended to her called the obstetricians, they later decided that she didn’t need a cesarean and that they would just wait to see if it would happen again. It did, and they went for a cesarean but soon after Leona came out into the world, pediatricians had to resuscitate her. This caused the baby to have seizures for the next two days.

After their discharge, Angela went to see their general practitioner, and the GP advised that she should see a solicitor.

Can You File a Lawsuit?

Getting in touch with a reputable lawyer is not just an option — it’s a must. A cerebral palsy lawyer can help evaluate the circumstances of the birth and determine if the injury was due to natural causes or inflicted by a medical practitioner. They will look at several angles, including whether or not the practitioners were able to detect a displacement of the umbilical cord, or if they failed to monitor the heart rate before and after labor and childbirth.

Trusted lawyers will make sure that you will receive enough compensation for your child to receive adequate care. While financial compensation cannot pay for a lifetime of impairment, it can certainly take the financial burden of treatment and healthcare off of the family’s shoulders.