Know When to Hire an Attorney for Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury

Cerebral Palsy Birth InjuryBringing a newborn baby to the world is a wonderful privilege. But such idealism and hope for the future can easily be shattered when you find out that your child has developed an abnormality. If your precious one was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you first need to understand that there are many possible causes.

Depending on what actually transpired, you may require seeking legal attention in order to get just cause. Certainly, being a victim of cerebral palsy birth injury can have dire and long-term consequences for your child and your family.

The Ability to Move Properly is Impeded

So how will this condition affect your little one? Primarily, there would be difficulty in voluntary movement. The extent would vary depending on the degree of deprivation of oxygen to parts of the brain responsible for motor function. The scientific term for this would be hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, which means that brain damage has occurred due to the inability of the blood vessels to deliver sufficient oxygen.

You should realize that cerebral palsy might not be apparent right away. So depending on when the symptoms would surface, be aware that there is only a window period of two years for you to acquire legal assistance.

Notwithstanding, birth injury is only one of the reasons why cerebral palsy happens. There are causes that may be traced before or after childbirth, which could bring this about. Therefore, you need to be certain that other possibilities like poor maternal health or physical trauma to the child after an uneventful pregnancy are adequately ruled out.

Other Possibilities in a Complicated Birth

In difficult pregnancies, you should also note that cerebral palsy is not the only thing that can happen. In fact, it has a lower incidence compared to other forms of injury such as a lesion in the brachial plexus. This one pertains to a straining of the nerves that course through the shoulder area responsible for upper extremity functionality.

Indeed, these conditions may be preventable if the doctors who delivered the baby have made enough preparations and have done anticipatory tests. So if you feel that this was due to the recklessness on the part of thy physician, consult a lawyer immediately to find out the next steps in pressing charges.