I Didn’t Do It: Using Alibi at a Criminal Case

Using Alibi at Criminal Cases in JacksonvilleCriminal defendants who claim they did not commit the crime they were accused of use an alibi. In this defense, they simply argue that they were doing something else or at another place other than the scene of the crime when the criminal act occurred. Alibi as a defense is more like convincing the judge and jury that prosecution has caught the wrong suspect.

Using an Alibi

Matt, for instance, is accused of robbing a store and murdering its owner. The evidence (caught on a videotape) showed that the crime occurred on a Tuesday night, between 1:30 am and 2 am. If Matt denies the robbing and the killing, saying he was out of town in a different place, it may serve as his alibi.

Witnesses Needed

In most cases, alibi defenses use a witness to testify about the accused whereabouts. When raising this defense, defendants need to notify the prosecution. Then, the accused’s lawyer will have to provide the prosecutor with the list of names (and their contact information) who will testify and support the alibi.

The criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville, IL will also need to provide the place where the accused claims to have been when the criminal act happened. This will go along with the list of alibi witnesses. As a response, the prosecutor will provide a list of a witness who will testify against the defendant’s alibi.

There can be several alibi witnesses in a criminal case. It may work in advantage of the defendants by supporting their alibi defense. In most cases, such witnesses claim that they saw the accused at a different place when the alleged act was being committed. There are, however, those who will oppose the witness to testify on behalf of the prosecution. This is why it is important to hire a lawyer to prepare the alibi defense.