How to Deter Trespassers From Entering Your Property

No Trespassing signDealing with trespassers can be messy. There are several things to consider, but the most important thing you can do is to keep your own safety in mind during an encounter with a violator.

If you find that there are unauthorised campers on your property, you can seek help from companies that employ bailiffs who help in removing travellers from a private land.

To prevent instances of trespassing on your private property, take these simple steps:

Mark your property

There is a reason the law allows you to put markings around your property. For one, marking your land makes it identifiable and in a way helps the police arrest trespassers. The markings alone should be enough to ward off unauthorised people.

When you put markings on your boundary lines or trees around your property, make sure that the marking is visible to outsiders so that fewer people will attempt to enter without permission. Even if you are not currently experiencing serious trespassing problems, you want to stay on the safe side by posting No Trespassing signs on your land.

You can even specify the type of activities you allow and which ones you prohibit on your land. Laws about posting signs vary per county, but most allow landowners to post along their property lines and at different entry points of the property.

If you want to ensure that you are following the law regarding the posting of signage, you can always consult with a game warden or county sheriff.

Collect evidence of the trespassing incident

A trespassing case will move forward quickly if you have any evidence of the incident. If you catch a trespasser, the first thing you can do is to take a photo of him or her or the vehicle they have and hand over the evidence to law enforcement.

Do proper documentation and note down details such as the date and time of the incident, what the violator looked like, and what he or she was wearing. If you have game cameras in the vicinity of your property, then you will have an easier time identifying the violator.

If you do not already have security cameras, install them at second-floor level, and point them downward at points of entry and exit.

Discourage unwanted visitors from entering

Putting a fence around your property helps you establish the boundaries of your land. Whether you choose to install split rail fences or sturdy gates, make sure that the fences serve the purpose of keeping trespassers out.

Get to know your neighbours

Your neighbours can be your partners in keeping your land free from trespassers. Good neighbours will look out for your property on days when you are out of town, so it pays to build a friendly relationship with adjacent landowners and foresters.