Getting Fired from the Job: Your Worst Nightmare

Getting Fired in TownsvilleWhen you’re working a job that you’re passionate about, you have a reason to feel excited every day. But, once you lose it, it’s a cause for dismay, more so if you’re the provider in the family. What could you have done wrong? How will you get back on your feet again?

Practitioners of family law may answer some of your concerns, especially if they involve children, and if you’re planning to take legal measures. But, losing a job is already as devastating as it is. But, getting fired from it is one of your worst nightmares, legally and otherwise. Here’s why.

Some Employers Sack People for the Shallowest Reasons

Maybe you lost a client, or your boss caught you doing something inappropriate in the workplace. If you lose your job because of those things, all you can do is respect the decision and walk away quietly. But, if your employer dismisses you for being privy to office secrets, getting set-up by jealous co-workers, or being pregnant or injured, that’s another story.

There are cases where a company discriminates against pregnant employees and force them to go on an extended leave because of their pregnancy. Expecting or not, as long as you’re capable of doing your job, and you’re not violating the terms of your employment, there’s no reason to sack you.

Once You’re Sacked, You Suck

But, people find reasons to do so, and they do. You suffer the consequences. Once they fire you, it hurts your self-esteem. While you don’t have to write it on your resume, you can’t keep a potential employer from asking you about previous job experiences.

You can’t totally undermine the effect of your dismissal on your interview because it will show, one way or another. It damages your mind set, and though you won’t stop at that, it’s a major roadblock for you.

What You Can Do

You have dreams, mouths to feed, and rights to fight for. If you feel like you have a strong unfair dismissal case, by all means, bring it to court. But, it’s a process, and you don’t know when you can and will get compensation. While you’re thinking of what measures to take, it’s wise to focus on getting back on track. And, you can start by waking up from the nightmare.

Get up. Look at job ads. Rebuild your resume. Know you still have it, and your career and life don’t end with losing a job. Easier said than done, but you’re starting over. And, if only for that, you’re just beginning.