Fiction Meets Real Life: Cool Career Opportunities

Photo of young professionalsWho wants a boring job? If you’re interested in a particular field, you find some of its aspects to be cool. This varies per individual, too. Some may consider chemistry boring, while others can go on and on about how wonderful it is. It’s not surprising that your interest in a particular career stems from a fictional setting.

These are just some examples of careers that sound cool because of their fictional attachments:

Private Investigating

No one is a stranger to Sherlock Holmes and the wonderful, if not bizarre, cases he has worked on, together with his partner, John H. Watson. In real life, you may want to get a private investigator certificate online to try your smarts in this field. Of course, the certification does not come with Holmes’s mad skills, so you’ll have to hone those yourself.

Coding and Programming

Several movies and TV series have introduced a brilliant, often nerdy, tech genius in their cast. These techies are their go-to guy when they need to hack into someone’s place or private accounts. You’ll hear about some of them starting young and finding a backdoor to a sophisticated security system, which immortalizes them in the fictional universe they exist in. Many a college student has taken inspiration from these TV tropes to pursue a programming related course, which opens up doors for them to work for Facebook, Google, or even the FBI.


From “Real Steel” to “Pacific Rim,” from “Iron Man” to “Geostorm,” you’ve seen plenty of films that feature tech of the highest advancement. In the case of “Geostorm,” they can even end or save humanity depending on how they are used. Behind these techs are people with incredible skills when it comes to machinery and technology. Who wouldn’t want to be the next Tony Stark?

Cool careers come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to solve crimes or create innovative gadgets, your fictional inspiration can be your stepping stone to making your name legendary.