Facebook: Your Future Ex-Spouse’s Tool to Win the Divorce Wars

FacebookDivorce proceedings can be frustrating. The agitation drives you to rant about your stubborn future ex online — which is, unfortunately, not the best idea.

With the growing popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, venting out your feelings seems like a good coping mechanism. In your opinion, these are just words and Shares; it cannot hurt your chances. But if you are considering or undergoing divorce proceedings, you should seriously consider what you share or post.

Be Careful What You Wish… to Post

What seems like a harmless post can actually sabotage your chances at your proceedings.

Your future ex-spouse can use your own posts against you. Keep in mind that anything your post online is admissible in court and even if you delete it, they can still get an order for retrieval. For example, if your spouse claims that you squander money, they can back up their claim with photos of you dining in expensive restaurants.

The trick is simple: do not post anything you do not want the judge to see. Think twice before you share, upload, or set a status.

Online Posting’s Effect on Your Custodial Rights

That photo of you drunk in a bar is enough for the courts to take your child away from you.

To win a custody case, you must prove your capability as a good parent. When you place a status asking for diapers or formula because you forgot to buy some, this proves that you are a neglectful parent. Photos of late-night parties with friends rather than being with your children are also problematic. And if you talk negatively about your ex online, your Denver divorce lawyers cannot help your case.

Prove how responsible you are by being responsible online. Do not post anything that will convince the courts you are an irresponsible parent.

Stay Away from your Ex’s Profile

Refrain from accessing or visiting your ex’s profile. If you have their password, resist the temptation to use their account against them. Doing so may result in serious legal ramifications that destroy your chances. If you think your ex is hiding something, get the help of professionals for evidence.

During this frustrating period, it is important that you stay away from social media if possible. Anything can happen, even if you think it is just a post. Remember: think twice before you click.