Evaluating Your Comfort Level With Your Personal Injury Attorney

a man bandaging his armWhen you suffer injury, and you’re frantically searching for a New York personal injury lawyer or attorney, what should you be searching for? Well, you need to consider the prospective lawyer’s credentials, reputation, location, and cost.

But shouldn’t you also evaluate your comfort level with the attorney?

Why you need to feel comfortable with your lawyer

An attorney’s brief is to advise and represent the client’s interests. If you’re not at ease with your lawyer, you may not tell the truth, or you may want to hide some information regarding your accident and claim.

Then, you won’t be on the same page with the lawyer, and that will make the attorney’s work extremely hard.

Evaluating your comfort level with your lawyer

Sometimes, gauging your comfort level can stop you from hiring the wrong personal injury attorney- a lawyer who is not suited for your case. In other instances, evaluating your comfort level may convince you to seek a new attorney to help revive your case.
Accordingly, you should start evaluating your comfort level from the very beginning and extend beyond the time you hire the lawyer. You can begin by gauging your feelings about the lawyer’s success rate with cases similar to yours. Can you trust the lawyer with your personal injury claim?

Need for personal attention

Client-focused representation is also vital. You don’t want treatment like “just another file.” Therefore, consider how the lawyer treats you and your case. Does the law firm have time for you? Are your questions answered and your concerns handled satisfactorily?

There are indeed many things to consider when looking for a New York personal injury attorney. You certainly want a lawyer who has the right experience and reputation. Ultimately, however, gauge your comfort level and select an attorney you feel you can trust with your information, interests, and case.