Criminal Cases: Where the Truth Can Take Many Forms

Criminal LawyerThe Salem Witch Trials are probably the best example of a period in American history where “truths” were not as they seemed. Extracted through pain and menacing, the supposed practitioners of witchcraft, most of whom were women, confessed to crimes they supposedly didn’t commit. There is no concrete way of proving it now, but the confessions were already tainted by the authorities’ use of highly excessive methods.

What is certain is that those who were under trial definitely wanted something for the torture to stop. Unfortunately, injustice only grew from there. Now, with the legal system encompassing all things in life, many people use it dishonestly. It truly is a travesty, to make use of law to gain undeserved advantage or compensation from the innocent.

Chasing the Truth

This is something The Law Offices of Steven R. Adams has seen repeatedly: a victim claiming something that the accused is vehemently denying. Its meaning may skew in different situations, but only the guilty confess to committing crimes. This is also why many cases all over the country start at a disadvantage.

Why is that? The best answer to the question is another question: who is it that the jury hears? Who is it that the people hear? It’s those who shout accusations. In everyone’s eyes but a few, the accused is already in a dark light. More than that, the situation could even be a lot worse when the accusation is particularly heinous. This is injustice nowadays, where the people go fight the people.

Fighting Back

The only reason to fight back is not to make a difference or turn the system upside down. It’s getting to the truth and to clear one’s name. It’s rare that a case makes repercussions in things not legal, and that’s all right. In this situation, what could make a big difference is the choice of attorney. Representation is something that could be influential.

Everyone in America should get a fair shot to attain justice. The truth will prevail someway and somehow, and it’s not up to chance to show them.

An accusation of something untrue is the legal version of being sucker punched. The civil way to react, however, is to fight back. The truth will prevail.