Common Mistakes Defendants Make After an Arrest

Criminal law book and a gavel on topIf the criminal justice system were faultless, there would be fewer chances of people being convicted of a crime that they did not commit. Unfortunately, with a combination of the imperfect criminal justice system and poor defense, you could be convicted of something you did not do.

In such situations, your actions could play a huge role in the outcome of the court’s proceedings. The following are common mistakes you need to avoid after being arrested:

Talking in the absence of your lawyer

During the arrest, the police officer will tell you that you have the right to remain silent, and you need to exercise this right fully. Most suspects get too anxious and think that being quiet is a sign of guilt.

However, volunteering information and answering police questions without the company of a criminal attorney in Provo could give them evidence to use against you in court. Keep in mind that even innocent statements can be used against you.

Assuming that your innocence will set you free

You may have committed no crime, but this doesn’t mean that you will automatically be found innocent. The police and prosecutor will strive at getting a confession out of you and finding evidence against you. It is, therefore, advisable to take this matter very seriously, even if you think your case has no basis at all.

Resisting arrest

If you talk back to the police or try to flee from them, you will be charged with resisting arrest. Failing to show up in court will also be used against you during the court proceedings. You are required to stay calm and try clearing your name with the help of an experienced attorney.

These errors can easily translate into harsher penalties. Staying calm and hiring an experienced lawyer can help you get a positive verdict from the judge.