Categories of Claims You Can File After a Car Accident

Two Cars Involved in AccidentCar insurance is a legal requirement as of the present. If you are in an auto accident, your insurance company or that of the other motorist owes you a duty of care. Most drivers erroneously assume the insurer will readily pay up if you are involved in an accident because your premiums are up to date.

Without a car crash law firm in Marysville to handle your claim, your pursuit of compensation will be mostly futile. The law firm will advise you on the various claims you can file, as well as how to handle them.

Here are some of the claims that might apply to your car accident case.

Property Damage

This claim covers the damage to your car and any other property that suffered damage in the accident. It recovers the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle. The amount you can recover in property damages primarily depends on the amount of coverage in the insurance.

First-Party Claim

Most motorists file this type of claim. A first party or no-fault insurance claim allows you to recover the costs of your medical expenses, loss of wages, specialized care, home modification and transport costs resulting from the accident.

In a first party claim, you will recover your compensation from your insurance company.

Personal Injury Damage

This is also known as a third-party claim. Though common, third party insurance is harder to win as compared to a first party claim since it is harder to prove. In a third-party claim, you have to pass an injury threshold to get damages for your injury.

Successful compensation in a third party claim covers the medical cost, permanent scarring, loss of enjoyment and pain and suffering from your accident.

Car accidents are devastating; fair compensation will, however, make them considerably bearable and will ease your suffering to some extent. With a competent law firm to help you with the above claims, you can be confident of a fair settlement.