Career Options of Paralegals

ParalegalsA paralegal is not a lawyer but has some knowledge of the legal industry. Paralegals handle tasks that lawyers may pass to them. They perform legal work but do not completely share the same responsibilities as their professional counterparts. Do not be distraught, however, because when you finish your paralegal certification online, you have a variety of career options waiting for you.

Nursing Paralegals

Insurance and medical companies and hospitals have a need for legal support that a paralegal may specialize in. Because of soaring costs, the medical industry wants to reduce litigation and insurance fraud. Paralegals help check and identify any attempts of fraudulent claims on a company. Nurses who take certificate courses as paralegals become a valuable asset because of their knowledge of the law and the medical industry.

Real Estate and Title Insurance

Real estate and title firms have legal departments that draft sales contracts, perform lien searches, order and review appraisal reports, write title insurance policies and prepare files for closings as some of their legal teams’ responsibilities. Paralegals who want to work in this industry must have knowledge about the different stages and aspects of property transactions in commercial and residential real estate.

Working with a Public Defender

Paralegals who show interest in criminal law and defending the rights of accused suspects may find satisfaction working for state public defenders. Paralegals in this field must have knowledge about procedural law in the penal codes, criminal system and understanding of legal forms and research.

Corporate Paralegals

Corporations are looking for paralegals with certain skill sets that meet their needs. Some companies need a paralegal to manage subsidiary setup processes, create legal documents, and cross-reference legality of transactions and other similar duties.

These are only a handful of the industries where paralegals can work in. The skills and knowledge of a paralegal translate to different industries, making them valuable assets.