5 Things Your Lawyer Wants You To Know

Divorce LawyerWhether you are going through a bad divorce or a business deal that went wrong, here are 5 things your lawyer wants to tell you.

You call more than necessary. We understand that you’re going through a tough time and perhaps you want to ensure that we are in your case. We are. We do the job. If you call too often, you get billed for it and you’ll see it on your legal bill.

We are not your therapist. These are especially true for divorce lawyers. We understand that you need to vent but we are not medically trained to help you. Since you are paying us by the hour, it would make sense to spend your money on where we can help: legal paperwork.

We are not mind-readers. You need to help us help you. We can only work with what you give us. If you’re not telling us the whole story, we can’t represent you to our full capacity. If you come in prepared, which means you have brought with you everything you think can help us in the case, this shortens the time we need and in turn, will lower costs on your end.

We are in this together. Rapid Legal Solutions said that when you hire me to represent and defend you. If you don’t follow my instructions or even take my advice into consideration, there’s no point hiring a lawyer. Solicitors in Townsville are ready to help but you need to remember that once we represent you, we are a team.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to settle. Cases can drag on for months, even years and the cost will be high. We understand that you want to win, but winning a case isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There are fees that could eat up your winnings, not to mention the emotional and mental stress that come with long-winded cases. If you want a quick victory, settle.

It doesn’t matter what kind of legal trouble you’re in, these things can help us work better and together, we can become a stronger team.