4 Major Reasons Behind a Rejected H-1B Visa

Man filling his work visa application onlineOver the years, the U.S. Embassy has become stricter in granting H-1B visas or visas that allow specialized employees to work in the United States. Despite the support of a U.S. employer, there are still many reasons applicants face this kind of rejection.

Below are three of them:

Insufficient petitioner requirements

The U.S. Embassy denies employers who have failed to provide petitioner documents for their applicants. Prevent this by ensuring that employers submit the following: tax documentation, company financial statements, property lease information, and photographs of business premises. Employers must prove that their company is operating in the U.S. with the capability to hire, pay, and provide specialty work to the H-1B employee.

Lack of specialized knowledge

H-1B visas grant access to graduate level workers with specialized occupations in finance, technology, accounting, architecture, engineering, and mathematics. If an applicant fails to prove this requirement, the U.S. Embassy will reject the submission.

According to companies that provide advice for work visa in Utah, applicants must provide sufficient information to prove that his/her position is a specialty occupation. This includes documents like degree certification, employee resume, experience letters from previous employers, and proof of work achievements.

Poor conduct during interview

All H-1B applicants are required to attend a visa interview to complete their application. During the interview, embassy officials gauge the applicant’s personality, professionalism, and overall conduct. Officials will critique everything, including the applicant’s attire, tone of voice, and enthusiasm. Because of this, applicants must treat their applications as job interviews. Smile, dress professionally, and be smart.

What can I do if the embassy denies my application?

With the help of an attorney, your employer can file a different petition that will answer the denial. If the rejection was due to incomplete documentation or a payment problem, you can refile if provided that all documents and payments are already complete.

Working in the U.S. is a great opportunity to boost your career. Advance your skills and build a good portfolio so you can find an employer who can sponsor your H-1B visa.