4 Cases That Family Law Attorneys Can Handle

Family Law in DenverFamily law pertains to issues that arise from marriage, domestic partnerships, and civil unions. This is a big deal because couples and entire families may be involved in issues that need legal attention. When this happens, it’s better to call a family law attorney to defend your case. Here are some matters that they can help you with.


Family law attorneys in Denver, CO can handle all types of divorce cases. You may need to consult only once if your divorce is peaceful and doesn’t involve a lot of assets. However, a complicated divorce battle may call for long hours with your trusted attorney.


Alimony pertains to the court-ordered provision that the ex-spouse should pay the other party after a divorce, annulment, or separation. This can be demanded if one spouse stopped working to take care of their children and the other spouse continued being the breadwinner. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, hiring a lawyer can help you fight for the amount and duration of alimony you want.

Child Custody

If two parents get a divorce, they need to figure out who will get custody of their children. A joint custody is the ideal case and only needs little to no legal advice from family law lawyers. The opposite is true if both parents are fighting for full custody of their kids.


Single individuals, couples who are married, or those in domestic partnerships or civil unions may want to adopt a child for different reasons. This is a complicated legal process, so calling on a family law attorney specializing in adoption cases can greatly help you. They know the ins and outs of adopting so you will have more guidance throughout the whole process until you successfully call a child your own.

Consult with various family law attorneys until you find one that you feel can represent you well in court and help you get the deal you want.