3 Tips on Preparing for a Domestic Violence Hearing

physical violenceThere are many things to consider in a domestic violence issue. Remember that emotions will run high and there will be damages, including bodily injuries. Chances are you will make rushed decisions. However, it’s important to weigh your options first, especially if you have intentions of taking up the legal process.

Find out how you can prepare for your case.

1. Hire an experienced attorney

Some problems aren’t as complex as the others and you can handle them on your own. But you must remember that you have so much to lose when you don’t have the right expertise. The fact that domestic violence lawyers in San Diego, CA or any other location have handled several cases similar to yours means they are a good fit. That said, they are in a good position to offer the right advice you need to navigate such a demanding process.

2. Document injuries and damages

Proving that you were injured can sometimes be difficult unless you have something convincing to show. It is, therefore, important to take videos and photos of the injuries or damages while they are still fresh. Record the time, date, and location of the incident. Alternatively, ask for a report from your doctor in case you underwent any checkup or treatment for other injuries that are more severe.

3. Contact witnesses

The success of your case depends on the evidence you have. Witnesses are your trusted sources of proof. It can be anyone who saw or felt signs of the events unfold, including family members, doctors, police officers, and onlookers. Remember that the more witnesses you have to attest to your case, the stronger and convincing your evidence will be.

Honesty is important in your hearing, but you must ensure that you are sober enough to remember the details of the incident. Otherwise, failure to provide detailed information may render your claims null and void.