3 Steps to Take When Changing Your Lawyer

A guide on replacing your lawyerThe fact that you have hired a particular attorney means you had trust in them that they will deliver. However, some of them are only quick to talk, but they don’t have clients’ interests at heart. Perhaps it’s the clients that set unrealistic goals and expect lawyers to deliver on what is actually impossible.

Whichever the case, here is a guide if you decide to change lawyers, as suggested by Rapid Legal Solutions. Take a look.

1. Read the agreement and terms of termination.

While entering into a relationship with legal advisors, you must have signed an agreement. Usually, it states the terms, rules, and conditions under which termination of that particular partnership should occur.

Therefore, it’s important to revisit this very agreement and follow termination instruction therein. Failure to which you risk facing a lawsuit for breach of the contract.

2. Let them know you want to end the contract.

Once you are comfortable with the decision of firing your attorney, you should send them a message to let them know that you would like to end the partnership; and that they should stop working on your case immediately.

It’s even more prudent of you to ensure you’ve sent the message via a registered mail so that you can have proof that you gave notice.

3. Pay for services rendered.

Remember that your lawyer has a right to receive payment for the services rendered until the time you fire them. Therefore, it’s imperative that you negotiate the pay and settle soon before your new attorney starts work.

Also, you need to ask for copies of your files so that your next lawyer gets a hint of; not only where to start but also find it easy to organise particulars on the same.

Sometimes terminating your relationship with an attorney in the middle of a case can be risky. Somehow, you risk complicating issues, which may show inconsistency with your case.

Therefore, it’s wise that you do your homework right while selecting your attorney, so you avoid finding yourself in a predicament of having to go back to the drawing board.