3 Questions Your Kids Usually Ask About Divorce and How to Answer Them

Parents fighting in front of their daughterDivorce is not a preplanned event, so if it happens to your family, it would be a major life event. As with anything new that happens in people’s lives, children are bound to ask numerous questions about it. The following are a few that you should expect to hear from your child and should have a ready answer for:

1. Why Did It Happen?

As soon as you tell them the news, this is the most likely one to come first, and possibly one of the hardest to answer if you’re caught unprepared. You don’t need to go into detail, but you would need to be honest about it. Explain that mom and dad would need a distance from each other in order to live better or be happier — of course, in terms that your child can understand.

2. Will You Get Back Together Someday?

Children, since they still don’t have an idea of what divorce could imply, can be hopeful about another way or time to resolve their family issues. While they think that there’s a chance to get back together, it’s better that you don’t fool your child into thinking that it will happen eventually. It would be good for them to know that you’ll be there whatever may happen, but that’s all you can promise for now.

3. What Will Happen to Me Now?

Once your child knows that certain arrangements may change, they might be afraid of losing their friends, favorite places to go or, your love and understanding. Explain what they need to know about their future, while being encouraging and motivating. Some details may be unclear to you as well, so if you need help, ask your divorce attorney in Colorado Springs for possible scenarios you can share with your child.

There are many more questions that your child may ask and you may be hard-pressed to answer them. Remember to keep your replies simple, honest, and even sweet.